incredibly personal and really in the spirit of the alternative comedy scene, which is playful, informal and creative.
— The New York Times
The best ironic-comedy-festival-but-also-real-comedy-festival known to man.
— Huffington Post
It’s the comedy event that comedians themselves look forward to.
— The New York Times
StarTalk Live! has developed a reputation for bringing some big brains—and bigger personalities—together on one stage.
— Time Out New York
This quirky festival, founded in 2008 by the comedian Eugene Mirman and the comedy producer Julie Smith Clem, has become a favorite of alternative comedians and comedy-savvy fans.
— The New York Times
Education and enlightenment are the grand prizes lying behind the velvet curtain, and anyone listening to You’re the Expert can win.
— The Onion A.V. Club
The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival spawned from a joke with comic Mike Birbiglia and producer Julie Smith one night after a show at Union Hall, with the realization that it would be ridiculous and hilarious to have a comedy festival named after Mirman. Thanks largely to that joke, the festival was born.
— Interview Magazine
The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival began as a joke. Eight years later, it’s one of Brooklyn’s signature comedy events.
— amNewYork
With any comedy festival, the mood and atmosphere is expected to be jovial and light. But the time I spent at this festival over the weekend gave me a different impression. On top of the joviality and friendliness, there was just this sense of community during the proceedings. Everyone seemed connected in a way, from the comedians to the audience members. The mood invited you in to have a great night, and that wasn’t difficult to do.
— ChargedFM
The festival is as much about community as comedy.
— The Boston Globe
Not only is Onion News Network a very good show; it’s a very good show that could easily have been a very bad show. Busting with jokes, it’s the surprisingly rare cross-medium translation that actually adds something to the mix.
It has become an annual institution, it has remained steadfastly unique among comedy festivals in celebrating the fact that it’s festive, but not in an industry-focused, star-making, pressure-packed way.
This freewheeling, talent-packed event has none of the stuffy air of more established festivals.
— The New York Times
EMCF remains both a send-up of comedy festivals and one of the most anticipated fests in the country.
— Flavorpill
You’re the Expert is a hilariously unique venture into worlds of mathematics, physicists, biologists and the like.
What do Ira Glass, Michael Ian Black, Mike Birbiglia, and Neko Case have in common? They all made an appearance at last year’s spectacular Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, Brooklyn’s most well-curated, arbitrarily created comedy festival.
— Brooklyn Vegan