PAST Projects:

Past work and shows produced by Julie Smith Clem

stuff you should know

Science Channel. 10 Episodes. 2013.
Roles: Executive Producer. Showrunner. Writer.

Stuff You Should Know was a scripted comedic television series, adapted from the successful podcast of the same name. Click here for more clips and show info.

With its “for nerds, by nerds” mentality, Science’s new series Stuff You Should Know asserts its bona fides. Here’s a reality show that may actually teach you something.
— Hollywood Reporter
Not only is Onion News Network a very good show; it’s a very good show that could easily have been a very bad show. Busting with jokes, it’s the surprisingly rare cross-medium translation that actually adds something to the mix.

Onion News network

IFC Channel. 20 Episodes. 2011.
Roles: Executive Producer. Showrunner

The Onion News Network was a television show on IFC from 2010–2011, running 20 episodes over two seasons. The TV series was an expansion of the Peabody Award-winning web video series from The Onion.  Click here for more clips and show info.

Having made a well-deserved name for themselves on the Web, the folks at the Onion are looking to conquer television — and off to a promising start with Onion SportsDome, a wry spoof of ESPN’s SportsCenter... the slickly produced half-hour is witty enough to serve as a logical lead-in to The Daily Show and its skewering of cable news.
— Variety

onion sportdome

Comedy Central. 11 Episodes. 2011.
Role: Executive Producer.

Onion SportsDome was a parody sports television show starring Matt Oberg, Matt Walton and Danyelle Sargent. Click here to view clips.

The Onion

Role: General Manager

Oversaw the editorial operations and content development of the Onion, reported to the CEO.  Primary liaison between creative and business departments at America’s Finest News Source.


Onion News Network

Role: Executive Producer.

Part of the creative team that developed original content and head of the video production company that formed to produce the Onion's videos. Produced over 130 videos of the Peabody award-winning Onion News Network. Click here to view clips.

The jokes are sustained with realistic interviews and shrewdly edited sound bites from real newsmakers. For providing ersatz news that has a worrisome ring of truth, Onion News Network receives a Peabody Award
— the Peabody Award Committee

wonder showzen

Roles: Segment Producer, Casting Director.

Wonder Showzen was an absurdist variety show that parodies the classic educational PBS shows of the 1970s, made up of old cartoons, educational films, children, puppets and special guest stars.

Wonder Showzen is a mix of animation and live action, part Sesame Street parody, part stoner indulgence... part pure inspiration.
— New York Times